Registering for the fall or winter semesters of ICON is easy!

ICON has been developed so you use it as the independent-study research project in your home department

  • It’s as simple as finding a 3rd or 4th-year independent study course, finding a supervisor, registering for the course, and filling out one of the ICON registration forms with your supervisor (which you can find by clicking on one of the options below).

Want to know more about what ICON is? Click here.

And if you’re having troubles or have any questions, send us a quick message through our contact page.


First Year Students note: ICON can also be joined through the First Year Seminar program

  • If you are joining through the First Year Seminar program, simply register for UNIV1200. For Fall 2017, you will join using the Feeding 9 Billion class section (Section 21).