Eligible Courses

First-year students who wish to take part in ICON I or ICON II for credit should enrol through the First Year Seminar program (search for ICON).

Senior students who wish to take part in ICON I or ICON II for course credit should enrol in a senior-level independent study course. Students may also audit the course (pending instructor approval).

Students have used these courses in the past to register for ICON. The course codes listed here might not be up to date with the offerings in your unit. Please check with your academic advisors on course availability. Note: PSYC3900, PSYC4500, PSYC 4510, PSYC4900, and PSYC4910 have been discontinued. They have been replaced by PSYC3240, PSYC3910, and PSYC4240.

The following courses represent those that have been successfully used in the past by students who have enrolled in ICON. These by no means represent the only courses that will provide you access to the ICON Transdisciplinary Classroom.

If you have any questions about how to take part in ICON, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    • ASCI*3700 or 4700  
    • AGR*4450
    • BUS*4450 or 4560
    • CIS*4900  or 4910  
    • ECON*4900 or 4910
    • ECON*3710
    • ECON*3840
    • ENVS*3100  
    • ENVS*3410  
    • FOOD*4220  
    • FREN*4740  
    • GEOG*4990    
    • HK*4510  
    • IDEV*3200  
    • KIN*4400  
    • MATH*4600
    • MCS*4020
    • MCS*4910 or 4920
    • NUTR*4850
    • POLS*4910    
    • PSYC*3240
    • PSYC*3910
    • PSYC*4240


  • STAT*4600
  • UNIV*4200 or UNIV*4210

For a full list of course options, click here