What Can You Expect In ICON Fall 2016?

We’ve had a number of people ask us what they should expect in the ICON classroom, so we’ve sat down and compiled a list of expectations and timelines.

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Guest Post: “My ICON 2016”

The following post is taken from reflections by Ena Ristic – a Biological Sciences student who began her Winter 2016 ICON experience by registering for last fall’s Feeding 9 Billion challenge. The reflections were written earlier this semester. Working on a team that included students studying food science, computer science, nutraceutical science, and english, she helped develop the Food Survival Guide app. You can read the original posts here.

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Innovation in the Classroom: Gabe’s ICON experience

Reposted from Feeding 9 Billion.

Feeding 9 Billion partners with & supports the innovative new Ideas Congress (ICON) course. This course offers students a chance to work with a “community partner” on a real-life task. This year, the community organization Yorklands Greenhub asked the ICON class to design a mobile trailer to demonstrate sustainable living practices and sustainable energy in action. It will primarily be targeted to students from grade 1 to 12, but will be opened up to organizations and the public as well. Below, ICON student Gabriel discusses his experience working in this unique course

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