ICON Alum Success Story: The Coffee Cup Waste Warriors

Photo of a boy's arm throwing a disposable coffee cup into the garbage can outside on campus at the University of Guelph

Originally posted at FeedingNineBillion.com.

Students Marion Davies, Monique Chan, Tasia Wong and Alison Tindall were concerned about the staggering number of coffee cups that are disposed of at the university (nearly 25,000 per day!), and they decided to do something about it.

Through careful and thorough research on behaviour, social norms, and societal attitudes toward environmental issues, they learned how to encourage people to decrease their use of disposable cups, in favour of reusable mugs. They developed a multifaceted campaign – providing education about the consequences of disposable cups, while also increasing convenience and incentives to use reusable mugs – designed to be delivered to universities and to adopt with ease. Check out their project in this short video!

Video by David Borish Visuals


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