Fall ICON Update

Designed by Freepik

Although summer has just begun, we’ve been busy over the last few weeks getting everything ready for the fall 2016 ICON classroom. And because we’re really excited about ICON, we thought we’d share several updates with you.

Update I: Location and Time

It’s been confirmed that the ICON Classroom will meet Wednesdays from 5:30pm-7:30pm in MacKinnon 312. Check out the specifics of the class schedule and rubric here.

Update II: Registering for ICON

You can register for the ICON Classroom using any of the courses listed here, as well as with UNIV*4200.

Update III: ICON & Feeding9Billion Student Project

Curious about what you might accomplish with Feeding9Billion and ICON? Check out this short video.

Update IV: New Article about ICON

Check out Innovation Through Transdisciplinary Training by ICON co-creators Shoshanah Jacobs and Daniel Gillis in the recent edition of Zygote Quarterly.


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