What Can You Expect In ICON Fall 2016?

We’ve had a number of people ask us what they should expect in the ICON classroom, so we’ve sat down and compiled a list of expectations and timelines.

First and foremost, the semester will begin with the Feeding 9 Billion Challenge. Students from across campus will gather during the weekend of September 17th/18th to develop solutions to food insecurity, food waste, and/or food sustainability. It’s a 24-hour design-jam spread over two days. It’s a dynamic, energizing, inspiring, and fun-filled event – and yes, it’s part of the ICON class! In fact, 20% of your grade will be based on this event (specifics provided below).

Following the Feeding 9 Billion Challenge, student teams will be able to gather together weekly in the ICON classroom to continue developing their projects (room and time TBA).

During week 4, ICON students will individually submit a short 250 word (or 2.5-minute long video) pitch describing their project. There’s a little bit more to this than what we’ve written here, but we don’t want to give everything away.

In week 7, teams will pitch their solutions to the class for feedback and constructive criticism, and between weeks 8 and 10 will provide the ICON instructors with the name of a local, provincial, national, or international competition to which they will be submitting their solution. Students will also have to identify why their project fits the competition they’ve identified, and provide the instructors with the specific set of things they’ll need to prepare to complete the application.

Finally, in week 12 students will present their final projects to the class. Each student will be required to submit a report that evaluates their solution, and each team will also provide a full application to the competition they identified in during weeks 8-10.

The rubric is as follows:

  • F9B Challenge [September 17/18]
    • 5 points – individual team contribution
    • 15 points – final team pitch/presentation
  • Audience Pitch [Week 4]
    • 10 points – individual team members will submit written or video pitches for their solution
  • Midterm Report [Week 7]
    • 15 points – updated/refined team pitch
    • 15 points – individual feedback and constructive criticism
  • Competition Identification [Week 8/9/10]
    • Teams will present to ICON instructors a local/provincial/national/international competition to which they will submit their solution
  • Final presentations [Week 12]
    • 25 points – individual team members will submit a final report that critically evaluates the solution based on the literature
    • 15 points – final team pitch and completed submission to the competition identified in weeks 8-10.

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