Draw Your Discipline

Over the last few weeks, the 2016 ICON students were tasked with exploring Knowledge Translation and Transfer for the first time.

Specifically, the ICONers were asked to draw their disciplines without the use of symbols, letters, and numbers. The goal – draw your discipline such that someone else who looked at the image would immediately know what you studied.

The students were asked to bring their completed drawings to class where they were hung on the wall for review. The class then spent about 30 minutes wandering around, reviewing each of the images, and documenting their best guess (as well as how easy each guess was to make). For an added bonus, the images were uploaded and released through Twitter to the general public for their input.

The results are presented here for each of the students (2 pages per student). The true discipline is indicated at the top of each page. The first page includes the image, as well as the feedback from the general public. The second page includes two charts based on classroom feedback. The chart on the left provides a distribution of guesses, while the chart on the right provides a sense of how easy the audience felt it was to interpret the image.


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