Hana, Nutrition & Nutraceutical Sciences, ICON (W) 2016 Alum

Giving students almost complete free range to work how they want is a very novel and refreshing idea in a university setting. University skills are meant to be transferable to the real world, but because of the lack of genuine application they’re not. Employers are never going to hand you a framework for a project and ask you to fill in the blanks. ICON is the weirdest course I have ever been in, but I say that in a very positive way. It’s delightfully unstructured. For a science student whose discipline relies on heavy structure and form, it was an unsettling relief. It’s been a little hard to think outside of my little biological science box (who knew everyone in the universe wasn’t a science student?), but I think the skills I learn here will be very applicable for the future.

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E. Ristic, BSc Biological Science, ICON 2016 (W) Alum

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